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Parks Master Plan Presentation

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Guiding Principles

The Master Plan team has established four (4) Guiding Principles to help us in making decisions about the future of Jacksonville’s parks. Throughout the Master Plan Update process, we will revisit these Guiding Principles to make sure we are integrating them into our plans and processes. 


A Resilient Park System is a highly functional and flexible system that can ensure preparedness for storm events while providing recreation, shade, clean air, and health and wellness to residents. 


An Equitable Park System will ensure that everyone has access to a park. 


An Authentic Park System is one that provides spaces, programming and facilities that reflect and lifts up Jacksonville’s culture and community identity.  


A High-Quality Park System ensures the that as Jacksonville grows in population and in park demand, there is an intense commitment to maintain current park facilities and programming while demanding high quality design and construction for new park projects.