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Frequently Asked Questions

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What is the Jacksonville Parks Master Plan Update?

The purpose of the Master Plan Update, as outlined in the city of Jacksonville’s Comprehensive Plan, is to identify the city's recreation needs every 10 years and to establish a mechanism to track those needs. 


How many parks, trails, and recreational amenities does Jacksonville have today? 

The Jacksonville Park system has over 400 City Parks and 80,000 acres of parkland, including all governmental agencies.


What is the City of Jacksonville Parks, Recreation, and Community Service Vision?

The Department of Parks, Recreation, and Community Services will make Jacksonville the most livable city in America by responding creatively to change, innovating with every decision, and connecting the entire city. 

Meet the Team!

The City of Jacksonville Parks, Recreation, and Community Services
is leading the Parks Master Plan Update in partnership with a consultant team led by GAI’s Community Solutions Group (CSG). 

GAI’s Community Solutions Group:
A planning, design, and economics practice that specializes in supporting municipalities in the creation and update of their Parks Systems plans.

Accell Parks:
Provides tools and strategies to improve parks and greenways to municipalities and park organizations.

Acuity Design Group:
Provides Public Relations, Communications, Public Involvement, Stakeholder Engagement and Creative Design and Branding Services.

RRC Associates:
Is a research firm with experience in compiling custom data and providing strategic insights.